Simultaneously measures multiple soil parameters of interest to farmers and agronomists

In-Situ Measurement

Measure in the field

Ex-Situ Measurement

Measure in the lab

Instant and Accurate Results

Real-time results that can be downloaded and analysed

Key Benefits

  • Accurate and repeatable
  • More data
  • Make real-time decisions with confidence

Key Features

  • Measures pH, Soil Organic Carbon (SOC), Soil Texture Class (IUSS), and many more
  • Results in less than 20 seconds
  • Accuracy comparable to laboratory
  • Direct infield measurement or in on-site lab
  • GPS, photos, notes and sample depth logging
  • Spatial mapping of properties
  • No sample extraction required
  • No chemicals
  • No incremental costs
  • No licensing requirements
  • Non destructive so sample can be remeasured or sent to laboratories

Featured Project

RemScan for Agriculture

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